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A breakfast smoothie is the right way to start!

There are a lot of different types and styles of breakfast including not having one. For some a breakfast could be a cup of coffee and toast, a big English breakfast, fruit or just a bowl of cereal. Each one has their positives and negatives. Some are quick and easy, some are more nutritious and some are cheaper than others. A great breakfast smoothie can be all of these.

Time is not a problem.

People skip breakfast for a variety of reasons but time is often the prime culprit. The most time-consuming task of making smoothies is preparing the ingredients, so if we can cut this down to a minimum we should be doing great. All of the breakfast smoothies use ingredients that need very little preparation, it is just a case of peeling one or two things and throwing everything in the blender. The type of blender you have or buy can also have an impact on how much time you spend. My advice is not to go out an buy the fanciest, biggest blender but honestly look at your needs. Most of our needs are served by what people call a Personal Size Blender (clicking the links will show you some examples on Amazon). These blenders are great if it is only for one person. If you are making smoothies for more than one person I’d suggest going for something bigger like these Counter Top Blenders.