Cold Vitality – A dessert smoothie with a secret twist

The Cold Vitality smoothie with ice cream, apricots, peach and milk.

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Cold Vitality is as the name suggests a cold smoothie that contains a number of vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols. The Cold Vitality smoothie can be enjoyed anytime of the day but makes for a very tasty and enjoyable dessert. The twist in this smoothie is the addition of ground cloves. Ground cloves are a goldmine of antioxidants and contain extreme amounts of polyphenols, in fact they contain more of both than any other food.

The Ingredients



Info about the Cold Vitality Smoothie

The twist to this smoothie is the addition of ground cloves. Ground cloves have a strong smell and taste which is why the recipe requires only 1 gram. If you think 1 gram will be too much experiment with half a gram. Half of all the antioxidants and polyphenols are contained in the cloves.

The Cold Vitality smoothie has a total of 261 k cal. It has a low amount of both total fat and saturated fat. Be careful to use Non-fat Ice cream as regular ice cream will contain a large amount of saturated fat. In fact because I have used fat-free ice cream this smoothie it has the same amount of saturated fat as The LoCal Smoothie, the lowest on SmoothFuel at the time of writing.

The ingredients blend very easily and require no more than 10 seconds of blending, be sure to cut up the peach into smaller pieces to aid in this.

Despite a very low amount of saturated fat Cold Vitality only achieved a SmoothFuel Nutritional Score of 64. It was let down by having very low amounts of some vitamins and minerals. Cold Vitality also lacked Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. It also contains a high amount of carbohydrates. There is around 24 grams of sugars in the smoothie, just under half the total amount of carbs.

Cold Vitality SmoothFuel Nutritional Score 64

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