The Kick – An Antioxidant smoothie with polyphenols and a bang

The Kick a smoothie with blueberries, almonds, ginger and milk.

The Kick is a flavorful and zesty polyphenol and antioxidant smoothie that has 1329 mg of polyphenols and 749 mg of antioxidants thanks to its principal ingredient, blueberries. It has a smooth texture and can be made quickly with no preparation needed. The extra surprise of this smoothie comes from the ginger which works beautifully with the blueberries.

The Ingredients



Info about the The Kick – Polyphenol and antioxidant smoothie

The ingredients require almost no preparation, just simply wash the blueberries. The ingredient blends well together and need no more than 10 seconds to make a perfectly smooth drink.

I use almond powder rather than whole almonds, just simply because it is easier to blend. You can substitute almond powder for another form of almonds although results may vary and it may require more time to blend. I have never actually used whole almonds as I’m sure too sure how well they will blend. The nutritional properties will change depending on the type and form of almonds you use.

The star quality of The Kick is the very high polyphenol and antioxidant content but it also contains high amounts of vitamins such as Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Thiamin. The mineral profile is modest and has good levels of every mineral except for zinc. It has a total of 271 kcal and a high amount of fiber.

The Kick SmoothFuel Nutritional Score 67

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