The Power and Stamina Smoothie – Sustained energy.

The Power and Stamina smoothie with oats, cocoa, mango, chia seeds and banana.

The Power and Stamina Smoothie has a blend of ingredients that overall deliver a range of carbohydrates from fast acting sugars to slower acting carbs fueling you from the start and helping to maintain that level. The Power and Stamina Smoothie has a smooth chocolate taste with the fresh flavors of mango and banana. As well as a good vitamin and mineral complex it also has omega 3 and contains some polyphenols and antioxidants.

The Ingredients



Info about the Power and Stamina Smoothie

First put water in the blender to ensure that the oats and chia seeds don’t stick to the sides. If done reversely the oats and chia seeds can sometimes form a paste on the side or bottom on the jar and do not mix.

Feel free to substitue the water for another liquid. Be aware if you use soy milk or a whole fat milk the Power and Stamina Smoothie might become quite thick.

The Power and Stamina Smoothie has a mix of 31 grams of sugars and 44 grams of complex carbohydrates. There is a good deal of fiber (12.1 grams) which moderates the digestion of these carbohydrates. This smoothie is also a great source of magnesium (37% RDI), iron (60% RDI) and vitamin C.

The Power and Stamina Smoothie has a SmoothFuel Nutritional Score of 61. I was a little disappointed when I ran the numbers, I was expecting it to score higher (most smoothies on the site score between 70 and 85) but from the data I can see that by choosing these ingredients I have created something that is good for one thing but performs averagely in everything else. The overall amount of vitamins and minerals is average to low and despite having a very good Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio it lacks a lot. Adding 100 grams of a vitamin rich fruit like blackberries would increase the score to 68.


The Power and Stamina SmoothFuel Nutritional Score 61

Nutrients and RDI values