The Kango – It´s a Kiwifruit and a Mango Smoothie

The Kango smoothie with kiwifruit, mango, yogurt and ice cream.

The Kango is a simple kiwifruit and mango smoothie packed full of vitamins and minerals and is incredibly low in fat. This sweet combination of two exotic fruits makes for a tangy smoothie. The addition of a low-fat Greek yogurt and a big scoop of fat-free ice cream make The Kango a perfect fruit smoothie to have as a delicious dessert.

The Ingredients



Info about The Kango Smoothie

The kiwifruit and mango blend well, cut them into small chunk to ensure a quick blend.

The Kango is a low-fat smoothie because it uses low-fat Greek yogurt and nonfat ice cream. Be careful to make sure you use the right variety of ingredients as these two can both contain high amounts of saturated fat.

The Kango is a delicious cold smoothie that is quickly prepared and made. It has a moderate amount of 333 kcal. It is low in fat and contains a number of vitamins and minerals. The Kango has 164% of your RDI for vitamin C, 41% B12, 39% vitamin K and 34% riboflavin. It also contributes 29% of your phosphorus RDI and 26% of your calcium RDI.

The Kango got a SmoothFuel Score of 65. It was let down by its high amount of sugars, as you can imagine for a smoothie that has ice cream as an ingredient. It contains 43 grams of sugar. Be sure to check the type of ice cream you use, as the nutritional values could be greatly different.

The Kango SmoothFuel Nutritional Score 65

Nutrients and RDI values