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What is Protein?

Protein is essential an nutrient that we must consume regularly. Proteins are long chains of organic compounds called amino acids. The body can synthesis the majority of amino acids it needs but it must receive 8 types of amino acids from food, 9 if you are a child. Foods contain different proportions of amino acids.

Some foods contain sufficient quantities of every essential amino acid. These foods are sometime referred to as complete proteins. It is a myth that vegetarian or vegan diets can not provide all of the essential amino acids. Almost every food contains at least some amount of each amino acid except for the exception of a few foods. What is important to know is that the body can only synthesis new protein at a rate which is determined by the intake of the lowest amount of amino acid. This means if your diet provides you with 100% of 7 of the 8 essential amino acids but only 50% of the 8th, your body can only synthesis new protein at 50%. This is a simple overview but gives a good idea. What we should take from this is that it is important to have a varied diet to ensure you receive sufficient quantities of each amino acid.

If that has peaked your interest into learning more I looked into the possible negatives of a high protein diet.