The Green Meanie – A High Protein Smoothie With Vegetables

The Green Meanie is hands down a beast, it’s mean and it’s green. Combining two high quality lean green ingredients spinach and kale, together with the powerhouse that is avocado. It makes for a creamy, beautifully textured smoothie that is loaded with both amazing macro and micronutrients to give a total of 25.3 grams of protein. It has one of the strongest vitamin profiles of all of the smoothies on the site.

Green Meanie Smoothie Ingredients

Simple but delicious ingredients. Fresh avocados, kale, and spinach.

The Ingredients

Info about The Green Meanie – High Protein Smoothie

How to make it – The key to preparing this high protein smoothie quickly is all in the preparation. The kale and spinach occupy a large volume in the jar so depending on the size of your blender you might need to blend in stages so that everything fits in. First blend the spinach, milk, and yogurt after these are blended well enough (10 seconds) add the kale and avocado and blend for another 10 seconds for a smooth creamy texture. Sometimes kale can be a bit tough, especially the stalk. If needed blend for another 10 seconds.

Macro Nutrients – The green meanie is a high-calorie protein smoothie that is much lower in calories than other high protein smoothies with a total of 439 kcal. As well packing in a grand total of 25 grams of protein it also provides 34% of your RDI of fiber (around 12 grams). It has a total of 21.6 grams of total fat of which 4.5 grams is saturated fat. It has 13 grams of monounsaturated fat and 3 grams of polyunsaturated fat. Compared to a lot of other smoothies it has a low amount of carbohydrates, a moderate 42 grams this figure includes the total amount of dietary fiber too.

Micro Nutrients – The mineral and vitamin profile is very strong. The vitamin profile, in particular, is one of the all-around strongest on the site. It has incredibly high amounts of vitamin K thanks to both the spinach and the kale. It has 96% of your RDI of vitamin C.

The 1% milk also provides a lot of vitamins to this smoothie. Milk, whether it’s whole milk, 1%, or fat-free contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, in addition, milk is often enriched with more vitamins. In terms of vitamins and minerals, regular milk normally wins out of other varieties. A while ago I compared different varieties of milk with some interesting results. You would imagine with 250 grams of milk it would have a fair amount of calcium and you would be correct, a total of 576 mg or 58% of your RDI. It also has a very significant amount of potassium, 1660 mg (35% of your RDI). To give you an idea of how much this is,  the average peeled banana will have around 400 mg.

Extra Nutritional Information – There is not too much extra to say about The Green Meanie. It has a really small amount of antioxidants and polyphenols of which all come from the spinach. There are 2.3 grams of omega 6 fatty acids and a small 0.36 grams of omega 3 fatty acids. The national institute of health states an adequate daily intake of omega 3 for men over 18 is 1.6 grams and for a woman, 1.1 grams.

SmoothFuel Nutritional Score

The Green Meanie scored a very impressive 81/100. With a total of 439 kcal, The Green Meanie has 18% of your daily calories (based on a diet of 2,500 kcal). Despite achieving such a high overall score The Green Meanie didn’t perform that well in terms of macronutrients. It got a score of 62/100. There are two reasons for this. The first is the amount of fiber the smoothie has. The Green Meanie represents 18% of your daily calories but has 34% of your daily amount of fiber (11.9 grams). It is very typical for smoothies to have high amounts of fiber, in fact, it would be very difficult to make a smoothie using fruits and vegetables that have a low amount of fiber. Now, 11.9 grams of fiber is not unhealthy but my advice is to watch out that you do not consume too much fiber. The second problem is the amount of saturated fat. There are 3 ingredients that contribute to the total amount of saturated fat, they are in order for highest to lowest: avocados, low-fat Greek yogurt, and 1% milk. A few changes that you could make to reduce the amount of saturated fat is to use fat-free milk and non-fat Greek yogurt. This would reduce the total amount of saturated fat by 1.7 grams. The best quality of this smoothie is its vitamins.

  • The Green Meanie has one of the strongest vitamin profiles of any smoothie on the site.

It achieved a score of 89/100 for its vitamin content. In addition to having a strong vitamin profile, it has a great mineral one too. It has high amounts of every mineral and as a result, scored 83/100.

Nutrients and RDI values