The Plant Based Protein Smoothie – A dairy and soy free smoothie

The Plant Based High Protein Smoothie

The Plant Based Protein Smoothie is a 100% plant based high protein smoothie. It has 22.5 grams of protein and a total of 556 kcal. As well as being a great source of protein it has a low amount of saturated fat and balanced amounts of carbohydrates and fats. It has a high amount of fiber, just over 50% of the RDI. It has one of the strongest mineral profiles of any smoothie on SmoothFuel. I am really surprised by this incredible combination of ingredients.

The Ingredients



Info about The Plant Based Protein Smoothie

This smoothie has come about as a result of the nutrition article Is Protein Healthy? – A look at the risks of protein rich diets. I highly suggest reading it if you are interested in learning how protein can effect the body. It was really eye-opening for me and has inspired me to look even closer at ingredients. I will try to incorporate and search for more plant based sources of protein.

As the name suggests The Plant Based Protein Smoothie only contains plant based proteins. It is quite difficult to get a 100% plant based smoothie with 20+ grams of protein and to maintain balanced amounts of vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients but I think this is a great start.

I advise making this smoothie in a Countertop Blender as the kale takes up a lot of space and if you are using a Personal Size Blender it can take some time blending everything ingredient by ingredient (Links will open to Amazon). Despite that the ingredients mix easily together to make a thick smoothie. Feel free to add more water if you prefer. The Plant Based Protein Smoothie has been put through the SmoothFuel Nutritional Score and as achieved a score of 84!

The downfall of The Plant Based Protein Smoothie and the reason it didn’t reach into the high 80’s was its total lack of vitamin B12. B12 is found in animal based products so for those following vegan diets you will need to supplement your diet with vitamin B12.

The Plant Based Protein Smoothie SNS 84

Nutrients and RDI values