Category: Nutrition Articles

Nutrition is a complicated field of study. Many popular nutrition articles can be biased and show just one side of the story. Here at Smooth Fuel, I try to give an independent view of nutrition looking at every aspect of data based on scientific reports. The nutrition articles you see on Smooth Fuel are a journey down the long road that is understanding nutrition. I hope that through relevant and topical nutrition articles you are able to increase your understanding and that they ultimately help you to lead a healthier life.

The interaction of food with the body and its processes is still far from being totally understood. Quite often you hear apparently contradicting statements regarding nutrition that can leave you with little idea about which one is right. People often speak in general terms when it comes to diet and food and while this, for the majority of people, might hold true there is always a percentage of people where it doesn’t. When it comes to nutrition there are not just two sides to the story but many, some positive, some negative and some still unknown.