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Smoothies smoothies everywhere but which is the smoothest of all? For a long time I have wondered just how nutritional these smoothies recipes that people post really are. So I decided to do smoothie reviews. The answer was the creation of The SmoothFuel Nutritional Score. It is an algorithm that takes in the nutritional values of all the ingredients and comes out with a score out of 100. Now I have an independent way to review every smoothie on the same playing field.

Here I look at smoothie recipes that has been published on the internet and evaluate them based on their nutritional value. I thank everyone who allows us to review their smoothie recipes. At the end of each smoothie review I like to include information on how I think the recipe could be improved. I hope that you ,the reader are able to take something positive away from these reviews using the information to help yourself lead a healthier life. And remember you should never judge a book by its cover and never judge a smoothie by its Instagram photo.

A Nutritional Look and Analysis of The Rainbow Smoothie

The Ingredients   The Rainbow Smoothie achieved a SmoothFuel Nutritional Score of 60. See how the SmoothFuel Nutritional Score is calculated.     The Rainbow Smoothie by Shinee is this week’s smoothie in the spotlight....