A Nutritional Look and Analysis of The Rainbow Smoothie

The Rainbow Smoothie

The Ingredients


The Rainbow Smoothie achieved a SmoothFuel Nutritional Score of 60. See how the SmoothFuel Nutritional Score is calculated.


The Rainbow Smooth Scored 60 on the SNS


The Rainbow Smoothie by Shinee is this week’s smoothie in the spotlight. Thank you to Shinee for allowing me to review her recipe, you can see a step by step guide to making it by following the link. This Rainbow Smoothie looks truly striking. It is made up of 5 multi-colored layers and has 11 different ingredients.

Nutrients and RDI Values


The Rainbow Smoothie – The Positives

The Rainbow Smoothie performed very well for its vitamin content (including antioxidants and polyphenols). It also did quite well for its mineral content. The Rainbow smoothie contains a variety of vitamins and minerals in good to high quantities and is a good source of almost every vitamin and mineral. There is over 2000 mg of combined polyphenols and antioxidants. Although an RDI for antioxidants and polyphenols doesn’t exist at the present time an amount of 1200 mg showed significant health benefits compared to lower amounts (500 mg).

The Rainbow Smoothie – The Negatives

There is a high amount of saturated fat thanks to the coconut milk. The Rainbow Smoothie contained just under 50% of your RDA for saturated fat. This impacted the macronutrient score greatly. Coconuts, even coconut milk contains a high amount of saturated fat, a nutrient that should be reduced whenever possible. The smoothie also contains a high amount of fiber. It contained 57% of your daily fiber but the smoothie contained just 20% of your calories. Although fiber is an important macronutrient and despite fiber having many health benefits (I discussed this in the fruit smoothie section) consuming too much can also cause problems.

Advice for improvement

Change the coconut milk for another milk with a lower amount of saturated fat. The total amount of saturated fat in soy milk is less than 1% that of coconut milk. Changing coconut milk for soy milk would increase The Rainbow Smoothie’s overall score to 71!

The raspberries and kiwifruit both contain high amounts of fiber. Together they contributed around half of the total fiber. I would recommend to not change these ingredients as they contribute so many other positive factors to the smoothie. In fact, taking them out would decrease the overall score to just 51. My advice would be to carefully monitor how much fiber you consume during the rest of the day to ensure you don’t consume an excessive amount.

If you have a smoothie recipe that you would like us to evaluate you can contact us, remember to include a list of all of the ingredients and their weights.