Anxiety Chocolate Chunk SuperFood Smoothie – How nutritional is it?

Anxiety Chocolate Chunk SuperFood Smoothie

The Ingredients



The Anxiety Chocolate Chunk Superfood Smoothie Recipe achieved a SmoothFuel Nutritional Score of 56. See how The SmoothFuel Nutritional Score is calculated.


The Anxiety Chocolate Chunk SuperFood Smoothie 56


The Anxiety Chocolate Chunk Superfood Smoothie Recipe has been created by my nutrition advisor. The recipe calls for a total of 8 ingredients including their own special ingredient the “Ancient Chocolate Superfood Mix” which is a blend of 9 ingredients. Data in the table is from the USDA food database and varies slightly from what the website claims. The table below is based on a 2,500 kcal diet.

Nutrients and RDI values


The Positives

For the number of calories that the smoothie has it has a good proportion of vitamins and minerals. In particular vitamin K which it has in quantities over 100% of your RDI. It has good amounts of most other vitamins. In addition to a good vitamin profile, it is a great source of minerals. It has high amounts of magnesium, iron, and calcium.

Although it doesn’t contain much omega 3 it does not have a too disproportionate amount of omega 6 in relation to adequate daily values ( around 17 grams for an adult male and 12 grams for an adult female).

The negatives

Pumpkin seeds like most nuts and seeds contain saturated fat. Although in the recipe only 0.6 grams of the saturated fat is as a result of the pumpkin seeds. Depending on the type of pumpkin seeds the nutritional content varies quite significantly. The nutritional values I have used for this recipe are for dried pumpkin seeds. In comparison, roasted pumpkin seeds had half the amount of saturated fat. However roasted pumpkin seeds have significantly lower amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Dark chocolate also contains saturated fat and is the real reason why the smoothie didn’t get a higher score. In this smoothie, dark chocolate added a total of 2.4 grams of saturated fat. The dark chocolate I have used is 70-85% cocoa.

Advice for improvement

Let’s change the dark chocolate for something else. It is always a difficult decision when creating a recipe and weighing up the positives and negatives that every ingredient has and coming to a conclusion whether to use it or not. If we swapped dark chocolate for pure cocoa powder. That would reduce the overall saturated fat content.

I am not a huge fan of almond milk. It has a nice taste and is low in calories compared to other types of milk but for me, its just lacking in too many nutritional values.

By tweaking the ingredients slightly and changing the quantities I was able to get a The SmoothFuel Nutritional Score of a very respectable 75. The modified recipe is the following:

The Modified Ingredients


By increasing the amount of banana and spinach we increase the overall vitamin and mineral profile without scoring negatively in any other category. The Soy Milk has more calories than the almond milk and helps to balance out the macronutrient profile and we have only increased the total amount of calories by 83.

Nutrients and RDI values


If you have a smoothie recipe that you would like us to evaluate you can contact us, remember to include a list of all of the ingredients and their weights.