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Why is a vegetable smoothie healthy?

Vegetables are, in general low in fat and carbohydrate but high in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. This combination allows us to consume a lot of vegetables every day without suffering adverse effects.

Vegetables are essential and should form the base of a healthy diet. It is crucial that we eat a sufficient amount of vegetables daily. The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends the consumption of more than 400 grams of vegetables and fruit per day in order to reduce the risks of non communicable diseases.

Vegetables or Fruits?

Gram for gram vegetables contain on average container higher concentrations of both vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are one of the best sources of both vitamins and minerals. I have done a detailed post where I discuss “a comparison of the nutritional values of vegetables and fruit” where it is clear to see that vegetables are the gram for gram king on both mineral and vitamin content.