The Crazy Carrot and Kale Smoothie – A High Dose Of Vitamin K

The Crazy Carrot and Kale Smoothie is an all-round powerhouse. It has been designed specifically to deliver a huge quantity of vitamins, minerals and to contain a great distribution of macronutrients. There are just 5 ingredients and to be very honest it might just be one of the easiest and quickest smoothies to make. This smoothie recipe is one of the most nutritional on the site, it scored an incredible 84 on the SmoothFuel Nutritional Score so I highly recommend it.

Crazy Carrot and Kale Smoothie

The Crazy Carrot and Kale Smoothie has a large amount of vitamin K and vitamin A.

The Ingredients

Info about The Crazy Carrot and Kale Smoothie

As I said before The Crazy Carrot and Kale Smoothie is super easy and quick to make. Simply add all the ingredients to your blender of choice and blend for around 10-15 seconds. If the smoothie is too thick for you feel free to add an extra 100 g or more (approximately 100 ml) of milk or water. For this recipe, I personally use frozen baby carrots. There are two main advantages I find of using frozen baby carrots. The first is that I don’t have to worry about the carrots going off or having to have multiple carrot smoothies just to use the fresh carrots up before they go bad. The second advantage is that baby carrots are already the perfect size for blending, this reduces preparation time to zero and makes it easier on the blender to do its job.

  • Top Tip – Use ground almonds or Almonds style= in powdered form to get a smoother texture.

The Crazy Carrot and Kale Smoothie has a total of 323 kcal. The macronutrients are fairly proportioned containing between 10 and 28% or your RDIs. These RDIs are based on a 2,500 kcal diet. The Smoothie has a substantial amount of protein, just under 20 grams and a low amount of carbohydrates, 30 grams. It has a good deal of fiber, an important macronutrient that helps promote healthy bowel movements and moderates the absorption of carbohydrates.

This carrot and kale smoothie has a very large amount of vitamin K. It has 718 micrograms which represents around 600% of your RDI. Don’t worry about consuming too much. The Food and Nutrition Board found no adverse effects from the consumption of Vitamin K from food and supplements. Vitamin K has a low potential for toxicity. On the positive side, vitamin K helps with bone density and heart health.

Overall this smoothie contains a fantastic amount of vitamins and minerals. Providing as a minimum, 24% of your RDI! I haven’t seen numbers like this since The Plant-Based Protein Smoothie which also contained a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. If you feel like you are not getting enough of all of your vitamins and minerals you need to try these two smoothies out for a week or two and see how you feel.

SmoothFuel Nutritional Score

The Crazy Carrot and Kale Smoothie scored 84/100, this is one of the highest scores on SmoothFuel. This smoothie scored well in almost every aspect. The weakest aspect of this smoothie was its macronutrient profile. There is a high amount of fiber, 25% of your RDI, the smoothie contains around 13% of your daily calories so it was penalized slightly for containing a disproportionate amount of fiber. In general, however, this is not unhealthy, all it means is that you should be careful to not consume too much fiber. A lot of people lack fiber in their diet so this smoothie could be very beneficial but too much fiber could irritate your digestive system. The Crazy Carrot and Kale has over 100% of both your daily vitamin A and K. The National Insitute Of Health estimates that the average person aged 2 and older consumes around 607μg a day. The Upper tolerable level is set at 3,000μg a day for preformed vitamin A. This is vitamin A from animal sources and supplements. For more information about vitamin A, check out the National Institute Of Health’s Fact Sheet and my article about Foods High In Vitamin A. Vitamin K has a similar story, there are no set upper tolerable levels for vitamin K consumed through food. Because of this the Crazy Carrot and Kale Smoothie was not penalized for having excessive amounts of these vitamins.

Nutrients and RDI Values