The All Rounder – A healthy smoothie full of micro nutrients

The All Rounder smoothie with bell pepper, carrot, apricot, almonds and milk.

The All Rounder is fusion of vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains to provide a balanced nutritional profile of both macro and micronutrients. The intriguing blend creates a bright and vibrant smoothie with a moderate amount of calories (320 kcal) that has a smooth texture and curiously pleasing flavor.

The Ingredients



Info about The All Rounder

Be sure to wash the fruits and vegetables well before blending. Cutting the carrots, pepper and peach into small pieces will greatly help the blending process.

The All Rounder is a smoothie that has been designed to deliver a huge percentage of your RDI values. The All Rounder contributes between 18% and 109% of your vitamin and mineral RDIs. As well as a having a great vitamin and mineral profile it contains a balanced macronutrient profile with high amounts of fiber whilst trying to minimize fat content.

The All Rounder has a lot of ingredients and is not suitable for a Personal Size Blender as the ingredients probably wont all fit instead use a Countertop Blender. (Links will open to Amazon).

The All Rounder SmoothFuel Nutritional Score 72

Nutrients and RDI values