The Pumpkin Special – A nutritious smoothie with spice

The Pumpkin Special Smoothie

It’s that time of year where everyone goes crazy for pumpkins. The Pumpkin Special is a wickedly delightful Halloween smoothie that can be enjoyed all year round! The Pumpkin Special uses small amounts of cinnamon and ginger with a combination two main ingredients, apples and pears. The Pumpkin Special is reminiscent of The Orchard Smoothie but with slightly different ingredients as well as incorporating pumpkin to give us a easy to make, creamy, orange smoothie full of nutrition that doesn’t scare us.

The Ingredients


Info about The Pumpkin Special Smoothie

The Pumpkin Special is fairly simple to make. I did not buy a whole pumpkin in order to make the recipe but instead bought chunks of pumpkin. Pumpkin can sometimes be hard which makes it difficult to blend. The first time I made this smoothie, the pumpkin didn’t blend fully so there were small chunk of pumpkin in an otherwise smooth drink. My key advice for the smoothie is to make sure the apple and pumpkin are cut up into small enough pieces before you blend them.

I used a teaspoon of both cinnamon and ginger. I thought this was a good amount and gave the smoothie enough spice and flavor. For me pumpkin by itself is a fairly bland vegetable. Feel free to add a bit more spice if you want more of a kick.

This recipe scored really well for its macronutrients. It has a good balance of most macronutrients with a slightly higher amount of fiber and a low amount of saturated fat. It has high amounts of many vitamins and minerals. It was only let down by a low amount of vitamin K. If you are looking for a smoothie with high amounts of vitamin k I can recommend The Full Omega (it has over 700% your RDI). Thanks to the apple there is also a small amount of polyphenols and antioxidants. The Pumpkin Special got a 77 in the SmoothFuel Nutritional Score.

The Pumpkin Special SmoothFuel Score is 77

Nutrients and RDI values