The Balanced Bulk – A naughty but balanced weight gain smoothie

The Balanced Bulk smoothie with ice cream, cocoa, yogurt, banana, almonds and peanut butter.

Sometimes weight gain smoothies have a disproportionate amount of macro nutrients, either they have too many carbohydrates or too many fats. The Balanced Bulk is what other weight gain smoothies want to be. The Balanced Bulk has it all and all in balance. With a total of 562 kcal it provides between 20% and 26% of all your macro nutrient RDIs. All that but with a naughty twist.

The Ingredients



Info about The Balanced Bulk – Weight Gain Smoothie

The Balanced Bulk has got a total of 35 grams of simple sugars which is just under half of the total amount of carbohydrates.

The Balanced Bulk is as its name suggests a balanced weight gain smoothie. This Smoothie makes for a perfect treat or dessert. It looks naughty but you shouldn’t feel that bad. In fact the reason why it doesn’t receive a higher SmoothFuel Nutritional Score is not because it contains excessive amounts of bad things but because it lacks a lot. Although is has some high levels of vitamins like vitamin E and riboflavin overall it is not nearly as vitamin filled as other smoothies. It also lacks Omega 3 and only has a small amount of polyphenols and antioxidants.

This naughty smoothie has a strong profile of minerals, 24%+ of all your RDIs. Not bad for an Ice Cream Smoothie.

The Balanced Bulk SmoothFuel Score 74

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