The Full Tank – A High Fiber Weight Loss Smoothie

The Full Tank smoothie with apple, berries, ginger, milk and oats.

The Full Tank is a weight loss smoothie that has a low 228 kcal. Its purpose is to fill you up. It contains a massive 20.4 grams of fiber, around 58% of your RDI. Despite the amazing benefits of fiber many people lack sufficient quantities of fiber in their diet. Not only does this smoothie do its best to fill you up, it has a low glycemic load meaning it releases its energy over a longer period helping sustain you and fend off hunger. I love the taste of this smoothie, the hint of ginger combined with the apples and berries give it a great spicy but sweet flavor.

The Ingredients



Info about The Full Tank Weight Loss Smoothie

Estimated glycemic load: 11

Wheat bran tends to break up into small pieces and typically will not blend totally. Blend for around 30 seconds to obtain a satisfactory texture.

The Full Tank contributes a large proportion of your RDI of fiber whilst containing just 5.1 grams of fat of which just 0.6 grams is saturated. The Full Tank has a range of carbohydrates to steadily release energy over time. The micro nutrient profile is substantial, contributing large proportions of your RDIs. In addition to all of this it has 593 mg of polyphenols and 950 mg of antioxidants, two important compounds that are always welcome in any smoothie.

The reason why The Full Tank hasn’t achieved a higher SmoothFuel Nutritional Score is because of the disproportionate quantities of macronutrients. It contains a lot of fiber for the comparatively small amount of calories. Be careful to not consume excessive amounts of fiber as this can cause discomfort, stomach pain, bloating and more.

The Full Tank SmoothFuel Nutritional Score 79

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